Sunday, May 17, 2009

Premier and Minister Lucas: Please tell SING SUPPORT GROUP members and the general public, it isn't true.

Premier and Minister Lucas,

A Queensland Health minion speaking at a conference focusing on Ethical Leadership and Governance in the Public Sector (See link on right). Speaking on the subject of Whistleblowing and the protection of internal witnesses. We all know what happens to Whistleblowers, informants or others speaking out in the public interest - whether protected or not. Just read the posts below if you have forgotten. Please see post Sunday 15 February 2009.


  1. The problem in Health - the under-achievers who are rewarded for driving the competent worker out - has not got a clue about the LAW and even if they did they are the reason there is no lawful behaviour in the health sector private or public.
    Bring on the enquiry - and lets see who is still standing after the shooting starts.

  2. If you are a young or mature competent Registered Nurse and you want to work at Eventide? Don't waste your time. You are guaranteed not to get the job. You just may show them what nursing is all about. I would like to know how they have so many people in higher positions and so few hands on staff? QHealth costs the tax payers and we need our taxes to go to the elderly not management. Please explain Anna Bligh?