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PLEASE SEE POST 20 FEBRUARY 2009 and "Potential aged care conflict of interest found" in the Links and Relevant Articles on the right side of this website.


  1. The incident regarding the hoist was nothing like it was made out to be.

    There WAS an investigation, as well as the hoist being examined by an outside maintenance person and found to be faulty.

    When this incident occurred the hoist in question was removed straight away. When found to be faulty it was tagged as such and removed from the house and replaced.

    Before reporting your version of the event you may wish to check the facts.

    I feel it has been a witch hunt against the person that was involved.

    Also may I add Karen you were not on shift at the time so i would love to know where you are getting your information from.

    I have found Eventide is rife with gossip and it is a case of so called grown people playing a bad game of Chinese whispers.

  2. To the above anonymous comment. All facts were checked by the reporter for this matter to be reported in the newspaper article - otherwise it is not published. The District Manager would most certainly not have apologised publicly for the simple malfunctioning of a hoist.
    You are quite correct, I was not on shift. You state: There WAS an investigation, so you must be well aware that this matter was reported to the federal Department of Health and Ageing and Queensland Health were found to have breached its responsibilities under the Aged Care Act 1997 Section 54-1.
    That the approved provider was in breach of its responsibilities under Section 54-1 (1)
    (a) The Aged Care Act 1997, as specified in the Quality of Care Principles 1997, Schedule 2.1 Daily living assistance - Personal assistance, including individual attention, individual supervision, and physical assistance, with: (e) moving, walking, wheelchair use and using using devices and appliances designed to aid mobility.
    SING was given reliable evidence by DOHA that this resident was being hoisted by only one staff member, against policy. Evidence is also available that this resident was found by an EEN. SING is informed that this staff member was so distraught that she went home after finding the resident unconscious. Documented proof and tape recorded evidence of what is stated in the newspaper article is available. As you have me at a disadvantage - you know me, but of course I do not know you - I am happy for you to view or witness my evidence at a time convenient to you. If you will email me with your name and address, I will arrange for you to meet me at my address to view same.
    If you have any evidence or documentation that disproves anything written on this website - you are more that welcome to produce it.
    As for revealing my sources and from where my information comes - that will never be disclosed without permission- but be assured it is not gossip nor is it grown people playing a bad game of Chinese whispers.

  3. Faulty, my arse. I have worked with this person in question? The equipment is not the problem. Management moves the problem. Let his parents hope that he will not be caring for them in there old age. Lazy people still get paid. They don't care.

  4. As expected, SING has heard nothing back from the person posting the comment dated 11 August 2009. It appears that the bad game of Chinese Whispers is being played by him/her - not by SING. It also appears that, typically, this person is not willing to PUT THEIR MONEY WHERE THERE MOUTH IS. SING is unable to do any more than make the offer in reply, posted on 11 August 2009.

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  6. Bit of a concern...I Just discovered my Mother is a a resident there (Long Story)