Saturday, November 21, 2009


"LAW AND DISORDER" is a three part series delving deep into the murky world of government misconduct, crime, corruption and the ordinary citizens who try to expose it all. Through extraordinary first person narratives, Law and Disorder is a blow by blow account of what happens when man takes on the machine; David challenges Goliath... when whistleblowers take on the authorities. Fast paced, informative yet at times humorous, the series focuses on dogged Australians who dared to challenge 'the system' - a system that they thought was leaving the public vulnerable to threats such as terrorism, environmental horror and indeed the demise of the most basic democratic values.
The above extract from S.B.S (SCREENWORLD).

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Whistleblowers Australia presents "Blowing the whistle in the Workplace".

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  1. It is all a cover up. Just like the police service? Read the papers to figure it out? Corruption is all around us. Can not fight the government. It is all to powerful.. We are destroyed if we speak out.. May they all go to hell. No one cares because they cover there tracks really well. They get paid big dollars and then some. Anything to keep there big wages. The police officer that went missing? I believe the truth will not come out. Who can fight this madness?? It is also in QHealth..

  2. I sincerely hope that the managers and directors of aged care facilities who are responsible for supporting bullies and resident abuses, as well as being pathological bullies themselves, take note that they will be exposed and Kalma will happen.

  3. I hope that those who are accountable will watch this program. They will get there justice. They Have to meet there maker some day.. Some sooner than others..

  4. Eventide Managers and directors need to be accountable they should have aii been stood down and I hope SBS brings out aII the corruption that reaIy goes on at Eventide and other facilities. We need to look after our aged people before others from countries.

  5. I am a nurse who was employed by a large aged care organisation.I spoke out as an advocate for residents who were being constantly abused by staff who " always got away with it" or she is a law unto her self". A resident died under suspicious circumstances and no one recognised that the death was manslaughter. The doctor was not informed of the truthful circumstances and like most cases of resident deaths, did not view the body.
    My voice cost me a break down, loss of income and loss of position. ( the old cop out - we are restructuring)
    After many councelling sessions I now sleep at night and I know I did what was right and just for the deceased resident who had " no family to speak of".
    The staff responsible who were protected by the nurses Union ....I know they will have to make their peace when they face their maker as will the the senior management of the organisation.