Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Heads roll over Queensland Health payroll fiasco. Surely this bureaucrat is not the same Michael Kalimnios who sacks Public Interest Whistleblowers

Premier Anna Bligh and Minister Lucas,

SING supporters would like to know:

Is this sacked Deputy Director-General of Queensland Health's Corporate Services the same bureaucrat responsible for sacking those Public Interest Whistleblowers who have spoken out and reported abuse, neglect and assault in Queensland Health's aged care facilities?

Is this sacked Deputy Director-General the same bureaucrat - along with two others - reported to the Queensland Police Service for acts of REPRISAL against a Public Interest Whistleblower.

What is this sacked Deputy Director-General going to have written on his Queensland Health Termination of Employment Certificate? Perhaps MISCONDUCT? Perhaps INCOMPETENT? Perhaps UNSATISFACTORY WORK PERFORMANCE?

Will he receive 2 weeks notice or will he receive nothing - just like he has ordered for Public Interest Whistleblowers he has sacked?

Will he now have to join the ranks of the unemployed and do the CENTRELINK SHUFFLE - just like he has forced other Public Interest Whistleblowers to do after he has sacked them?

SING suggests that none of the above will eventuate for Michael Kalimnios.

Please see article (1a) on right of website.


  1. When I read the Courier Mail I thought about Karma!
    They wrote the business processes for Queensland Health and they do not even follow them.
    Then they sign the papers to sack bedside staff who act in the BEST INTERESTS of their patients. The bedside staff who also followed hospital policy and QH policy - then they were sacked for doing so!
    These beaucrats did not follow are own processes!
    I do not shred a single tear for them!
    Karma! Karma!

  2. I am seriously thinking about speaking out about Prince Charles Hospital mismanagement.

    Any pointers that you could put on your website would be very helpful!

    Personally I think HRM should be sacked at Prince Charles Hospital. They give advice on what happens in this process as well!
    How do they sleep at night? Very well - they employ psychopaths to undertake HRM roles!

  3. Some tips for speaking out are already on SING's website. Please see Brian Martin's information (1b) Speaking out: what you need to know. on the right side of the website.
    If you are serious about speaking out regarding wrongdoing, SING offers to help with this, but only if the evidence is documented and viewed as authentic.
    SING has a great deal of hearsay evidence in its possession. This evidence cannot be posted on SING as it is not backed up with documented evidence . Therefore this evidence is more a Grievance rather than Public Interest Disclosure. SING receives many GRIEVANCES from informants - not many Public Interest Disclosures from genuine Public Interest Whistleblowers.
    SING's tip: You may have noticed that the more noteworthy, compelling cases of Public Interest Disclosures are coming from those Public Interest Whistleblowers prepared to give out their names. SING suggests that the general public will give more credence to a Public Interest Whistleblower who is prepared to be named.
    So decide very carefully:
    Is your complaint only a Grievance or is it truly a Public Interest Disclosure?
    Are you prepared to be named?
    Do you have enough evidence to make a serious complaint?
    Are you really prepared to have REPRISAL by Queensland Health committed against you when you speak out?
    If the answer to these questions is YES - please contact SING and arrange a meeting to produce your evidence for posting.

  4. QHealth management is accoutable to no one. I see this on a daily basis. Yes, people are scared to speak out.

    The person that wrote the exit letter is a very dear friend of mine. She had the guts and the courage to stand up to these dispicable people. She will always be a very dear friend to me.

    While the management remains at Eventide nothing will change.

    Keep up the good work Karen.

  5. Just Like Every Failed Director in Australia,you can always get a job in Darwin! This guy is the head of a large area of the NT Government's Department of Health.