Friday, July 13, 2012



  1. About time!

    Our father Nick Dapontes, 76 years , a diabetic, died prematurely as a resident of Eventide nursing home on 29 August 2011.

    Nick had very high sugar levels of 23 plus (BSL) from 23 August 2011 to 29 Aug 2011 and Eventide failed to call a doctor for our father as well as failing to take Nick urgently to hospital. Nick died Monday 29 August 2011.Diabetics should only be about 6 not 20! At 23 BSL diabetics need to be urgently taken to hospital. . This was not done.
    He went into Qld health 18 May 2010 , Prince Charles hospital with weight of 120 kilos. On his death and after being in their care since 18 May 2010 to 29 Aug 2011 Nick Dapontes died with the weight of 55 kilos only. That's 65 weight loss under their care!! Our father was starved and was also admitted to Redcliffe hospital with serious severe bed sores and severe dehydration and very high sugar BSL July 2011 . Nick Dapontes was admitted into Eventide nursing home 17 Jan 2011. Nick Dapontes died aged 76 years and we feel he was not cared for at the nursing home. We feel he was starved as well as not taken care of.
    An autopsy was done and we are waiting for the results due shortly.
    But the bottom line is , our father was taken from us prematurely by uncaring people at Eventide nursing home. We did not want our father at Eventide nursing home but OAG (office adult guardian) put him there without his or his families consent.

  2. Sundale nursing home at nambour starved my grandfather to death. he suffered scabies, mis treatment, he was openly mocked by staff, physically abused, and the office of the adult guardian in queensland put him there, was made well aware of the treatment he was recieving and yet this was the 'best' placement for him and his wife. over 2 hours from any family members....the aged care complaints line refused to take our photo evidence, or any of our recordings of staff abuse and neglect....nothing was done, he was admitted 6ft tall and about 80kgs, he died in less then 3 months weighing less then 45 one point there was no output in his cathetia over a 48 hour period, so he was sent to the hospital thiknking it was turned out he was so dehydrated there was simply no fluids in his body at all....the adult guardian investigates and covers up their decisions, and Sundale Garden village at nambour does exactly the same.....he was overdosed on respiridone to comotose him, which helped to control him, and saved them the effort of feeding him, as he was asleep 23 hours a day.....this IS STANDARD PRACTICE in nursing homes throughout QLD. there are no authorities to help our elderly when they are forced into situations like these,and the government helps to keep our families locked up in these cruel and inhumane environments....