Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mistreated nursing home residents 'better off in a concentration camp' - ABC News.

To read what happens to those who speak out about abuse, assault and wrongdoing, just read this website. This author first reported nursing home abuse in 2000. Nothing was done; nothing has changed. Have a look at the old stories below and consider what the future holds for those citizens who expect decent treatment in their elderly years. Unless aged care is taken seriously by those in positions of power, the future looks very ugly indeed.

Australian Public Interest Whistleblowers are treated like criminals when they report abuse, neglect and wrongdoing, why would any thinking person expect aged care to improve?


Why do you treat those speaking out like criminals?

Why would you expect fearful staff to report wrongdoing when they have clearly seen what happens to those who speak out?

Why are you surprised that abusers are flourishing in nursing homes when abusers know that they will have no action taken against them?

Why are you surprised that decent, credible staff are afraid to report abuse, neglect and wrongdoing?

Why do you blame lack of staff or lack of education for the mistreatment of the elderly? Roger Dean murdered 11 patients and harmed many others. He will spend the rest of his life in prison. He was an educated registered nurse and in a position of authority when he committed his atrocious crime. No mention has been made of staffing levels or lack or education - only his addiction and theft of residents' drugs. Please stop blaming lack of education and staffing levels for abuse and assault of the elderly. Lack of staff and education can certainly lead to neglect, accidents and incidents, - but abuse and assault - PLEASE. Abuse and assault are deliberate, intentional acts and cannot and should not be condoned or excused.

Why is so much taxpayers' money spent on cover-up?

Wake Up Australia - let's get serious. The stories below are nothing new in aged care atrocities.




  1. Reading this makes me sick. Karen had all this on her Web Site,brought this to the world's attention, nothing was done. All it would take is to hire undercover nurses randomly to watch our aged. How hard would that be? So much for accreditation, the yes people on the bosses roster. The ideal of being a Career In 8 weeks on line is a joke, some people are not cut out for the job lets face it. My husband did the video of George on this website being abused by a registered nurse that was a disgrace. the management covered that up. Cheryl Freeman

  2. Karen
    As you know (as the stories are published on your site), both before & after my Father died in 2007, I sent envelopes full of photos & evidence of the whole system of Aged Care, Adult Guardian, Public Trustee & the supposed watchdogs - Dept of Aged Care's Complaints Resolution Scheme, CMC, Law Reform Commission, OIC, HQCC failing the elderly & their families, to the pollies - Anna Bligh, Nicola Roxon, Justine Elliot, Laurence Springborg and the list goes on. Not one of these people ever contacted me. Santo Santoro was the only one who actually made changes in the Investigative Complaints process. I received a 'Your complaint has been noted' from Anna Bligh but no follow up. People have been speaking up for at least a decade that I know of. It will take the Australian Public to demand a Royal Commission into this abuse for anything to happen. Otherwise these stories will just be a news story for a day or two & then forgotten. People just give up as they find there is no one to turn to. That is what the politicians want...so they can turn a blind eye to it all too. Maybe the Australian Public would do well to look ahead and wonder if this is their future they are looking at in these stories? Keep up the good fight Karen. I believe that things will change...and you are a great catalyst in that process.