Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Premier and Minister Lucas,

Some questions and recommendations regarding the document below:

QUESTION: Why is the document below not an original document?

RECOMMENDATION: A copy such as this is NOT the original document. The original document is yellow and is typed. SING's advice is that an employee is entitled to the original document. SING's recommendation is that Queensland Health should always supply the original document.

QUESTION: Why did it take so long for this document (albeit a very hurried hand written copy) to surface? This document had to be requested by Centrelink on the 25 March 2009. Our SING SUPPORT GROUP member was dismissed on the 25 February 2009, whilst on recreation leave.

RECOMMENDATION: If Queensland Health want to dismiss Whistleblowers speaking out for "Official Misconduct", documentation should at the very least be an original.

QUESTION: Shouldn't this document at least have be signed by Queensland Health's most senior public servant - the Director-General? SING notes that there is no box to cross that has a heading "OFFICIAL MISCONDUCT". Perhaps it should have been crossed in the "Other" box.

RECOMMENDATION: If Queensland Health's aim is to make sure that credible Whistleblowers or others speaking out and reporting sexual assault, abuse and neglect in our nursing homes, never receive employment in any capacity again, perhaps this aim would be better accomplished if the Director-General signs these types of documents. SING suggests that destroying the reputation of an ex-employee, destroying the career path of an ex-employee, destroying an ex-employees ability to obtain work inside or outside of Queensland Health, would be much better accomplished if the documents look professional.

QUESTION: Shouldn't this document have the box left empty which asks: Has a claim been made, or is a claim likely to be made, for workers compensation?

RECOMMENDATION: This box should always be left empty as SING's legal advice is that dismissed employees have 6 months to make a claim for compensation and up to three years to make a common law claim. Other legal and Queensland Police Service advice is that REPRISAL is a criminal and indictable offence under the Whistleblowers Protection Act.

SING SUPPORT GROUP advises that Senior management at Eventide, Brighton and three senior Queensland Health public servants have committed REPRISAL against two of its SING members. Statements by these two SING SUPPORT GROUP members have been given to the Queensland Police Service.


  1. The separation document signed off by the client service officer is a joke.
    For such an important document with the X in the misconduct box must have been authorised by someone in a higher position surely????
    and should his erson have been responsible for signing such a document?
    I cannot beleive such stupidity.

  2. Gee it looks so boring here now....must be a real bitch knowing how little people actually care about Karen...it will only be the people who she still has bluffed that will be supporting her. I'm waiting for the day when I click on SING and i get the message 'oops bad link'

  3. SING SUPPORT GROUP members are pleased to note that this anonymous person has at least reduced her profanity when posting her positive and informative comments. Some of her comments are so disgusting that they were unable to be posted.

  4. Oops bad link – What if you live to a grand age – who will care for you? The bully or someone like yourself??? Would you want someone like yourself caring for you?
    Why do you waste your time if you are so disenchanted with the content on the SING site?
    Maybe you are worried that your name and crime will be exposed. Maybe it already has.
    This site gives many nurses and other professionals an avenue to express their feelings without retribution.
    I am a victim of destructive behaviour by a Senior manager with a Narcissistic personality.
    I am now not working and will never work in aged care again. Just another Senior RN who has worked in the industry for many years . I have seen every type of bullying and intimidation at all levels involving, staff to staff and staff to resident.
    I have also felt the pain of the staff member who committed suicide because of bullying and harassment. Her children know why she was in such a state of despair. They know who the bullies were.They attended the same school as the Bullies children. Imagine their pain.
    Where else would you work knowing that criminal acts are being committed and no one wants to be responsibility for it?
    Everyone is responsible for their own actions.

  5. to the comment gee it looks so boring here now do you think any one gives a dam about your pittifull comments why does this web site bother you so much are you so ashamed of what you are and how you treat our frail elderley that you feel the need to slang off at SING Karen has enormous courage and committment to our elderley where are your morals would you do every thing possible to protect a family member if they were being miss treated i think so i hope shame and remorse fill your days for praise fills karens in her committment to SING and yes i do know karen and have worked for her

  6. Why do patients in nursing homes need to endure such inhumane treatment? Those who really care are being blamed for trying to help those in need. It is completely unacceptable and the consequences cause undeniable grief, even premature death to patients and staff.

    Regrettably, this sorrow is not felt by those who hold 'superior' positions in certain nursing homes or those who may want to but feel compelled to turn a blind eye to preserve their jobs. Obviously, those in government turn away excusing themselves that all has been done in the name of reasonable action.

    The truth must be known. Action must be taken for the negligent, criminal action of those who hold positions of trust. If not, it proves that people without a conscience are safe and those with a conscience are unsafe.

    Would a Royal Commission be enough to change the mindset of those who lack genuine concern for those in need and pain?

    It is clear that the wrong people are in the wrong jobs. These shameful people excel at silencing and torturing others. They are skilled at harming others and express no real sorrow for their actions.

    All must be revealed and action taken to stop such abuse. SING helps to expose the truth.

    How can nursing staff and patients be safe if no accountability for mistreatment of others is required?

    As we grow older how can we feel confident that a nursing home will provide care that will not put us at risk of neglect and harm?

    Who cares enough? Many nurses, I am not one, care immensely but need to be believed about what is really happening without being ignored and punished.