Monday, January 26, 2009

Nothing has changed in almost four years.


  1. Bullying is rife at Eventide. I reported to management that a Registered Nurse had made sexually dicriminative remarks about another worker, with 2 witnesses nothing was done...In fact she got promoted only 3 months later! Well done management...I am proud to speak out and am no longer affiliated with Queensland Health...Thank God

  2. I do not work for Q health but reading the comments I think I am.
    Bullying and harassment is epidemic in aged care.
    It is the unbroken chain that threads from one facility to another.
    When one bully is dealt with another raises its ugly head.
    It will never be stamped out because it is rife in the senior ranks and they answer to no one.
    The fact that it is a breach of WHS policy means nothing.It is not acknowledged that bullying is a breach and the behaviour continues and florishes.
    Bullying and the extreme workloads in aged care are the factors related to high staff turnover and recruitment difficulties.