Sunday, January 25, 2009

What has changed since the Inquiry? Bullying and Intimidation still alive and well.


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  2. Nothing has changed since the article September 05, except the language.
    Stress is not an acceptable word to be used for sick leave or work cover.
    There now has to be mental health terminology used to validate the status of a psychological claim.
    Staff who endure constant bullying and intimidation will suffer some form of psychological illness.
    Proving illness and the damage caused is even more damaging to the staff member.
    It actually hinders the recovery and the return to work.
    It is so isolating and dehumanising.
    If a staff person is diagnosed with cancer or has a physical injury they receive support to return to work.
    Visits are made to the home to assist the injured person to remain connected to the workplace and to still feel part of the team.
    Not so if it is a psychological claim.
    No one visits , no one calls and no one cares.
    Why? Because the organisation does not want to admit that there is the " cause factor " for the illness.
    If they did they would have to do something about it and that would mean senior staff who are responsible for the bullying and intimidation would be held accountable.
    I live for that day to happen and then may be just may be, aged care would not have the current retention and recruitment issues.

  3. Freedom of speech is supposed to be a democratic right.
    What a shame residents and staff are punished for exercising that right.
    Residents cannot be heard from the grave.