Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Does anyone know what happened in Bramble House, Eventide on or about the 14 February 2007?

Does anyone know what happened to ANDREW (not his real name) on or about 14 February 2007? His family desperately needs to know what happened to him. ANDREW was a resident in Bramble House, Eventide. SING is informed that the Nursing Unit Manager at the time, informed the family that ANDREW's injuries were caused through the complexity of his condition. The family do not believe this statement. The family believes that someone knows what happened, but they are too afraid to speak out. The family suffers every day because they have been told by Police that they may never find out what happened to their loved one - now deceased. A private Doctor informed the family that Andrew had been bashed and they should contact the Police, which they did.


  1. Is "Andrew" the gentleman they left on the floor, naked and dirty?

  2. Andrew (not his real name) was taken to a private Doctor who immediately informed the family member to contact the Queensland Police Service as Andrew had been "bashed". The family member did this. She has informed SING and others that the Police Officer told her that "she would never find out what happened to Andrew". SING has promised this family member that everything possible would be done to find out what happened to Andrew on or about the 14 February 2007 in Bramble House, Eventide. The family were informed at a meeting with management, that the severe bruising was because of the complexity of Andrew's condition. The family and the Doctor disagree. This family badly need closure as they suffer a great deal still, not knowing what really happened to their loved one.

  3. I once went to see a member of parliament in relation to systematic bullying and victimisation of children by adults employed by the Department of Education. We alleged a conspiracy to cover up by Government Departments that included vilifying the complainant and manipulation and tampering of state records I was told by this member of Parliament that he used to be a criminal lawyer and that it didn't matter what evidence we had that it wouldn't be enough and to just accept what we couldn't change.

    You would think that if you had evidence that it would count. Apparently it doesn't and the failure to take into consideration the evidence works to discredit those who speak out because the general public believe that if you had the evidence then something would be done about it. Little do they know?

    It appears the process is set up so that public servants and those who bully and abuse can never be held to account.

    If you remember that the law is made by those in power to protect those in and with power you understand that bullies have set up the process to protect themselves.

    Time to change the process!. People need to speak up.

    Education - Keeping them Honest
    Our children deserve better

  4. I worked at Bramble House,and yes the sexual assaults did exist and they WERE reported to management.I now work in a different part of QLD Health and Verbal and Physical abuse is still alive and well,from PTS - STAFF, STAFF -STAFF AND STAFF - PTS