Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Premier: Why does this Queensland Government continue to play "pass the parcel"?

Why do the following entities appear to love the game of "pass the parcel" so much?

The Ethical Standards Unit
The Internal Witness Support Unit
The Crime and Misconduct Commission

This email above clearly shows that the recently dismissed protected Whistleblower exhausted all avenues to obtain protection for a new Whistleblower. The dismissed Whistleblower finally obtained this protection by presenting for the new Whistleblower as support person, to the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) on the 31 October 2008.
Why is it Premier that this game continues. SING can only assume that this game is loved by all who play, except of course for the Whistleblowers.

The witness speaking out, in the first instance, duly reports the matter to the Registered Nurse or Nursing Unit Manager.
The Registered Nurse passes the parcel on to the Nursing Unit Manager.
The Nursing Unit Manager passes the parcel on to the Director of Nursing.
The Director Of Nursing passes the parcel on to the District Manager.
The District Manager passes the parcel to the Chief Executive Officer.
The Chief Executive Officer passes the parcel on to the Ethical Standards Unit.
The Ethical Standards Unit passes the parcel on to the Internal Witness Support Unit.
Somewhere whilst playing this game the Department of Health and Ageing become involved. They then pass the parcel back to Eventide management.
In the meantime the witness is so sick of the game that she seeks Whistleblower protection from the Crime and Misconduct Commission and gains protected Whistleblower status.
The Crime and Misconduct passes the tattered debris - that was once a parcel - back to the Ethical Standards Unit.
The Whistleblowers are then shot, as all of the above have tired of the game, and it is simpler to just "shoot the messenger".

SING apologises if any entities have been omitted.

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