Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Minister Elliot: Why aren't you keeping your word to protect those speaking out?

Minister Elliot,
Wasn't this email above sent to Network Ten on the night a segment aired about the sexual abuse taking place at Bramble House, Eventide?

Why then Minister, is the person below now unemployed after having her employment terminated by Queensland Health, for speaking the truth? All avenues were exhausted before the media was contacted. In the public interest those who speak out should be protected. They should not have their employment terminated. SING SUPPORT GROUP is expecting you to honour your word Minister and make sure that "PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE AFRAID TO COME FORWARD WITH INFORMATION".

If state and federal reporting systems are working, why Minister has SING been receiving so much damning evidence? No Minister, staff who speak out are not safe. They are vicitmised, bullied, intimidated and ostracised and will eventually have their employment terminated.

A new protected Whistleblower will meet with Queensland Health on the 5 March 2009. Within her collated evidence will be a package full of hair. Yes Minister - her hair. It has fallen out due to the distress coming forward and being victimised has caused her. She has not been given work at Eventide since she reported abuse.



  1. Reinstate Karen. Morally she is doing the right thing. Who else will protect our older citizens? I work there, so i know what is happening. What she Say's is true. The relatives are not informed. Not to mention the residents that have no living relatives and have no say in there care. So much gets covered up. It truly saddens me. My mother has passed over, thank the lord that she did not have to suffer an aged care facility...

  2. When you read these comments, it really upsets me because we are all being tarred with the same brush. It gives the impression that all Aged Care Nurses abuse the residents in their care. I will not tolerate abuse of any kind...if I were to witness any abusive behahaviour from any Nurse I am working with, it will NOT go unreported.

    We are not all bad Nurses.

  3. I admire your commitment to nursing and the fact that you would not tolerate abuse of any kind and that you would NOT let it go unreported. We need nurses like you. In the article above I state that "I don't want the general public to be led to believe staff are not speaking out". Staff like you do report, but the problem is that sometimes this can and does lead to reprisal.
    I am to attend a meeting with Queensland Health tomorrow. I am the support person for a good nurse - just like you - who came forward in good faith and reported what she had witnessed. She has been victimised, targeted, intimidated, called a racist and because she was a casual - has received no work since she reported.
    This cannot be allowed to happen to good, credible nurses.
    Whether it be reporting of abuse by another staff member; whether it be reporting one resident assaulting another; whether it be a family member abusing a resident - no nurse should ever receive this type of treatment when they fulfill their obligations and report these matters.
    No nurse should ever have to suffer for speaking out about wrongdoing.
    No nurse should have to suffer for advocating for their residents/patients.
    No nurse should ever have to be investigated for protecting the frail, vulnerable aged and disabled citizens in their care.
    I commend you for fulfilling your role as an advocate. I would just like you to note that SING was formed for the purpose of helping protect the protector when they are not treated as well as they should.
    Nurses have a position that is very highly regarded by the public.
    It is my opinion that the nurses who are trusted to perform the most intimate and personal duties - particularly for our older citizens - are doing one of the most important and valuable jobs that one human being can do for another. It is my opinion that this trusted job is often underestimated and undervalued. I have never and will never undervalue the role of nurses. In fact it breaks my heart that I am no longer able to perform this wonderful job. I will miss it very much.
    I believe with all that is valuable to me that nurses should be able to report wrongdoing, when they witness it, without fear of reprisal.

  4. We are not all bad nurses - response.
    I have worked in senior roles in aged care for many years now.
    I thanked God every day that there were nurses like yourself.
    Unfortunately there are too few of you in the industry.
    I have supported nurses with integrity and always will.
    There are just some staff who should never have chosen nursing as a vocation - they would be better suited to work in a factory where their obsession for TASK would be rewarded.