Thursday, March 12, 2009

Premier: What does "in due course" and "please be assured" actually mean?


  1. What an amazing blog, the elderly are a demographic that are easy to ignore simply because most of us can't imagine that we're going to get old and need help. There are similar abuses going on over here but I'd like to put forward cases that aren't seen as abuse but carried out by seeemingly well meaning people but who are too harried and exhausted to care.
    When my grandad was taken into a lovely and well funded hospital, just before he died, the nurses meant well and cared for him. But because they had so many people to look after they failed to see him as a person and to meet his needs. Consequently they thought that he would get better and all he needed was to sit up and get better. So they took him out of bed and sat him in a chair with a tie around his waist to keep him sitting. It was awful, he simply couldn't sit and was only held up by this rope. It was only when I got his medical notes from the end of his bed and read them that I realised how ill he was and that the best thing for him was to let him lie down and rest. These medical notes are available for all to see but because of the fear of the medical profession and the assumed lack of understanding about such notes, no one bothers to read them. I only have a little medical knowledge and language but it was that little knowledge that gave me the impetus to read his notes, decode them for my family and allow them to insist that he was lain back down. He ended his life in more comfort than he would have done. Well done you an highlighting the more horrendous abuses that go on towards our elderly generation. The generation that built the world that we're enjoying today. MH

  2. Karen you can rest assured that you will not get a response as that is what they will deem appropriate.

    From my dealings with trying to hold a Government Department to account for systematic bullying and victimisation I have established that they respond to you once without doing anything at all or addressing the issues and then they deem the matter closed and if you continue to write your name gets put on a repetitive correspondents list and you are presented as 'vexatious' and your correspondence filed away. There doesn't appear to be any formal process for them to do this and nor do they have to let you know. You can be put on the list on the word of the persons who you allege are responsbile for the abuse. It is part of the process.

    All States are the same and all Policical parties are the same when it comes to this as they all use the same process.

    Action needs to be taken to change the process so that there is procedural fairness and natural justice and so our most vulnerable can be safe.