Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Minister Robertson: Why can't I have the Corporate Success Group's finalised report? Is it too damning?

A private company was engaged by Queensland Health, at the taxpayers' expense, to investigate five serious matters brought to the attention of the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) in early October 2007. One of those matters was the Bramble House, Eventide sexual abuse case reported in the media by Network Ten in March 2008. Another involved the case of James Jenner (deceased) of Cooinda House, Kippa - Ring. Another was that the roster was used to punish staff not in favour at Eventide, Brighton. A few months later, another private company, LKA Group, was engaged by Queensland Health, at the taxpayers' expense, to investigate the Whistleblower for her disclosure to the media. This was after a complaint to the CMC against the Whistleblower. The Whistleblower has finally received a copy of the report which was enacted against her, but she has been refused a copy of the final report of the other investigation. The Whistleblower has been informed that she is required to "show cause", but she has been informed that she is not able to access the Corporate Success Group's report. This report is vital for her defence. Perhaps that is why it will not be made available to her!

Minister Robertson: The original investigation (the first investigator was inexplicably removed - perhaps he got too close to the truth ) - cost the Whistleblower thousands of dollars to have a lawyer and her associate present. After many hours(at least 18 hours) of recorded evidence, the Whistleblower is not entitled to view this report. Other staff were also interviewed - some of course were not - and the feedback to the Whistleblower is that many claims, particularly of rostering anomalies, were proven. It was also reported that the James Jenner case has a separate and credible Whistleblower who witnessed the late night, clandestine doctoring of his file. Queensland Health were given this information way back at a meeting held with their lawyers in September 2008. This meeting was held for the Whistleblower to face disciplinary action over her wearing a badge.

Another question Minister Robertson: How much taxpayers' money has been spent on these private investigations? More documents to follow.

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