Friday, February 20, 2009

Premier: Queensland Health breaches its responsibilities once again under the Aged Care Act 1997

The Department of Health and Ageing have found that Eventide Nursing Home, Brighton, Queensland have committed the following breaches:

The approved provider has breached its responsibilities in relation to record keeping by not ensuring individual care plans for care recipients are accurate and reflect current care needs.

Under 88-2(1) of The Act it is the responsibility of the approved provider to keep records of the kind and in the form specified in the Records Principles.

Under the Records Principles 1997 Section 19.5(b), an approved provider must keep records of individual care plans for care recipients.

This 86 year old female resident fell from a toilet seat and sustained skin tears and massive bruising to her back.

Two days later another female resident aged 93 was found unconscious when she was left hanging in a hoist. NO INCIDENT FORM WAS EVER WRITTEN. Both these incidents took place in the same house and involved the same staff member.

Why is it, Premier that it is the Whistleblowers who report such serious incidents who suffer reprisal, bullying and threats - while the perpetrators are shifted from facility to facility or parish to parish, like paedophile priests?

Why is it Premier, that it is the Whistleblowers who have their rosters manipulated, therefore losing income, who have their casual shifts ceased, therefore receiving NO income, who have their credibility sullied by belated allegations of poor work practices, interpersonal communication problems or claims of racism?

Why is it the Whistleblowers who are surveilled and supervised at the covert request of unscrupulous management, who, rather than deal with the problem - find it so much easier to SHOOT THE MESSENGER?

Why is it Premier, that it is the Whistleblowers who receive the threatening letters from your various departments or private companies - paid for by the taxpayer?

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