Thursday, February 5, 2009

Minister Robertson: Why is your Director-General swearing at a genuine Whistlebower? Other Queensland Health employees have been disciplined for less.

Minister Robertson: Why are you allowing the mistreatment of a genuine Whistleblower in Bundaberg?

Why are you allowing one of your Chief Executive Officer's to threaten another Whistleblower with disciplinary action or the threat of criminal charges, because she disclosed to the media serious sexual abuse of female residents at Eventide, Brighton. She will not hand over damning evidence in her possession as she has no faith in Queensland Health's reporting system.

Why was a recent Whistleblower rebuffed by the Ethical Standards Unit and the Internal Witness Support Unit, when she sought to produce evidence of serious allegations of sexual, physical and psychological abuse of residents by a staff member at Ebbtide House Eventide, Brighton? She has received no work at Eventide since. One of these victims had previously been a victim of the Bramble House predator reported by Network Ten in March 2008.
Why did this Whistleblower then have to seek protection from the Crime and Misconduct Commission?

Why has the Crime and Misconduct Commission referred this serious matter back to the Ethical Standards Unit? The very unit that rebuffed the Whistleblower in the first instance.

Queensland Health Whistleblowers would like an answer to these questions, but Whistleblowers know that the only answers they often receive is either a threatening letter or absolutely no answer at all.

MINISTER ROBERTSON: WHISTLEBLOWERS ARE FIGHTING BACK. Just as the Premier Ms Bligh has the right to "ask questions" and the right to "freedom of speech" and the right to complain about Mr Palmer "issuing legal threats to silence critics" (THE SUNDAY MAIL 1 February 2009 by Darrell Giles, Political Editor. Million-dollar rift); so too do genuine Whistleblowers.

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