Thursday, February 26, 2009

Premier: Assaults at Bramble House, Eventide when there were two victims and then there were seven.

This email was written to the Department of Health and Ageing and to the Crime and Misconduct Commission way back in September 2007. The distress of some Bramble House staff is clear regarding this case. The seven eventual victims of this predator had the right to live in a safe environment. The human rights of these female victims - not to be sexually abused - far outweighed the rights of this man to privacy and confidentiality.

Who was the Nursing Unit Manager in charge?
Who gave the direction not to inform the families?
Who directed staff that the Queensland Police Service was not to be informed?

But it is the Whistleblower that Queensland Health has dismissed and discredited.

Damning evidence still to be posted regarding this case and others Premier. Watch this space.

This request for an investigation was made by an advocacy group on the 26 September 2007, when there were two female victims. The document clearly states that without evidence, this Detective's hands were tied. The informant who was to come forward, reneged. By the time copies of the the notes were passed on to the Whistleblower, the number of female victims had grown to seven. Three people presented at the Crime and Misconduct Commission on the 9 October 2007 to give evidence. The advocacy group coordinator, the Whistleblower and her lawyer. The Whistleblower gained Whistleblower Protection. The Whistleblower received the copied notes on the 31 December 2007. Months later in late March 2008 the media was contacted.

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