Sunday, February 1, 2009

Queensland Health rejected this Nurse's application for a futher 6 hours of work at Eventide, Brighton. You be the judge!

The Whistleblower applied through an Expression of Interest for an extra 6 hours per week of employment. This would increase her hours to permanent full-time status. The Whistleblower has been contracted to work four shifts per week for many years. She was informed after many months that she had failed the interview. In other words - she was fit to work four shifts per week - but not five. At the time the Whistleblower was studying a Bachelor of Arts degree at QUT. Please be advised of the following:

The Whistleblower was informed that due her hard work at University and her Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5.4, she most certainly could study Law. Strange that the Whistleblower was not fit to work 6 extra hours at Eventide, Brighton according to Queensland Health.

The Whistleblower was informed at a feedback interview that she failed in the communication area of the interview. Strange that the Whistleblower received a distinction in "Interpersonal Communication".The Whistleblower was informed that none of her references were considered, no academic history was considered, no referees were contacted.

You be the judge! Is this reprisal? Is this discrimination? The Whistleblower intends to find out.

Investigations are taking place or have taken place at Eventide, Brighton.

Another Whistleblower (casual) has recently been treated in a similar way. She has an outstanding CV - she is reliable, she is passionate about the rights of the older and disabled residents in her care. Strange how she has never received work at Eventide, Brighton since she reported sexual, physical and psychological abuse, she witnessed. You be the judge!

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  1. Karen, I got your site details from the Bad Apple Bullies Website. Your experiences are of no surprise to me.

    I fear for what I read because I see that there is definately a process used to deal with those that speak out against 'the system'.

    My family paid the price for having made complaints about the neglect of the education of gifted children. For years my children's test marks and school applications were manipulated and tampered with so as to bully them, discredit them and me and so as to deny them opportunities.

    Of course you cannot compare it with the neglect of the care of our elderly but what scares me is that the issues that you identify are the same things that we have had to deal with even to the point of the matter being 'closed' without investigation on the word of those alleged to be responsbile who just discredited me and even being threatened with Defamation by the Crown Solicitor for speaking the truth and seeking procedural fairness and natural justice.

    It is so scary that the innocent are not protected and those who abuse and fail in their duty of care are the ones that the system and our Government protects.

    Good on you and all others that speak out and fight. I take my hat off to you as I know how difficult it is.


    Jolanda Challita
    Education -Keeping them Honest
    Our children deserve better