Sunday, February 22, 2009

Premier: Why has this Deed Of Settlement never been honoured by Queesland Health?

In October 2006, a Deed of Settlement and Release was signed. The Whistleblower did not receive an apology or exoneration from Queensland Health. In exchange for exoneration and an apology, these clauses were to be implemented. The clauses in this Deed have never been honoured by Queensland Health.

This matter was to be heard in a three day trial in the Brisbane Magistrate's Court.
Queensland Health settled this matter before it went to court. Some clauses in this Deed Of Settlement have never been honoured by Queensland Health, therefore the Deed is null and void. Some clauses were included in lieu of an apology to the Whistleblower and a media release. It is now over two years since the Deed of Settlement took place in November 2006.

Proof is available that the District Manager was made aware of the abuse in September 2004. This information came directly from a relative of one of the victims. This victim was never interviewed by Police.

Proof is also available that in May 2004, a meeting was arranged at Eventide, Brighton. Prior to this meeting, an organiser from the the Queensland Nurses' Union of Employees (QNU) tried to force the Whistleblower to remove four paragraphs from her statement. The Whistleblower refused and was informed by the organiser that: "It would be on your head". The two abusive staff members were permitted to support each other at this meeting. The Whistleblower then sought independent legal advice. The legal advice was that the (QNU) Organiser's information was incorrect. It was later revealed that the Queensland Police Service Detective investigating this case was astounded that the two abusers were permitted to support each other at this meeting.

Premier: Nothing has changed after all these years! Queensland Health still DELAY, DENY, DISCREDIT, DECEIVE AND IF ALL ELSE FAILS: DESTROY

Copy of the relevant clauses from the Deed of Settlement and a statement to the Secretary of the Queensland Nurses' Union of Employees to be posted shortly.

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