Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Premier: Proof of rostering rorting at Eventide, Brighton.


SING has received the following information regarding roster rorting at Eventide, Brighton:

If you were friendly with Workforce you got more shifts. If you weren't you didn't.

If you said no to an extra shift you got no more work.

One former Nursing Unit Manager (NUM) ensured when she worked in Workforce her casuals were looked after when it came to extra shifts. She would make sure they got extra shifts in preference to any other casuals.

I never got an extra shift when that former NUM was in Workforce. I only got extra shifts when she was absent or not in Workforce.

A permanent who had put in an availability form would be offered a shortage in preference to a casual or temporary. If no permanent, casual or temporary staff were available for a certain shift, you would then ring people who you knew wanted to work and offer the shift to them. However, sometimes when you rang the NUM to offer a shift the NUM would nominate staff who were in favour. For example, one former NUM would always nominate a particular person for a night shift. (Even if this person was meant to work in the morning. They would then also get paid fatigue leave for the morning shift).

That same NUM would not give a particular casual extra shifts because she didn't like her.

I have seen full time staff get overtime when casuals(and part-time staff) haven't got all their hours.

One full time male assistant in nursing was openly given overtime when part timers had applied for extra shifts. He was a favourite with the Workforce NUM and openly bragged about how much overtime he was earning.

We were never told of any rule that permanent part timers could only have one extra shift per fortnight. I was a part-time worker and would often work 10 shifts per fortnight. I would imagine that if such a rule were actually in existence, that workforce itself would adhere to the rule.

If permanents were denied an extra shift, no reason was given and you didn't question why. If you did you might never get another shift yourself. Eventide was the sort of place where you didn't question things.

I understand that favouritism is still happening e.g. two weeks ago a casual worker was given overtime when a permanent part timer was entitled to that overtime. It wasn't a case of the permanent part timer being out of favour., but the casual being friends with the staff in Workforce.

More documented evidence to be posted

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