Sunday, February 15, 2009

Premier Bligh: Why does Queensland Health condemn its credible Whistleblowers, when other organsiations commend them?

Credible aged care Whistleblowers are treated very badly when they fulfill their obligation and report wrongdoing. Why is this Premier? SING has members who have had their employment jeapordised, have had their integrity questioned, have been accused of poor work performance, have had their career paths ruined, have been accused of racism, have been isolated and ostracised by ill-informed and ignorant colleagues and much more.
If Whistleblowers' self-esteem solely relied on the opinion of Queensland Health hierarchy, they would never survive. But survive they do, Premier, regardless of the condemnation and vilification inflicted upon them by the institution that is Queensland Health.

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  1. As far as SING is aware there are laws against " mobbing, vilification, incitement, discrimination, victimisation, defamation, less favourable treatment in the workplace etc".
    These human rights are also afforded to Whistleblowers.