Sunday, February 15, 2009

Premier: Why did Queensland Health rebuff this offer from a Whistleblower?

The Whistleblower was willing to speak out about sexual, psychological and physical abuse and assault she witnessed at Ebbtide House, Eventide.

She was advised by SING to acquire Whistleblower protection before disclosure. She was rebuffed by Queensland Health and took her matter to the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) on the 31 October 2008. She presented with members of SING SUPPORT GROUP and obtained Whistleblower protection. She was assured by the CMC that meetings would take place. She has has two meetings cancelled by the CMC, and was recently informed that her matter has been referred back to Queensland Health.

This credible, Whistleblower has received no work from Eventide, Brighton since making her complaint to Eventide management.

She has been a casual employee for Queensland Health for some years. She had an unblemished performance record until her disclosure to Eventide management. Indeed, she was given a temporary contract because of the good feedback given by staff witnessing her work practice. Since her disclosure, she has been accused of racism, poor work performance,interpersonal communication deficits and aggressive behaviour etc. She has repeatedly requested the written documentation of the allegations against her. Eventide management have not fulfilled this request.

Her full story will follow shortly.

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