Monday, February 23, 2009

Premier Bligh and Minister Robertson! Why has it taken so long for your Ethical Standards Unit to receive a report regarding these serious matters?

These matters were reported to the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) on the 9 October 2007. Typically, these serious matters were referred back to Queensland Health's Ethical Standards Unit for investigation. Typically, this investigation was passed to a private group for investigation at taxpayers' expense. This letter is dated 19 December 2007.
How long does it take? Surely Premier there is a time limit on these investigations? Surely this matter has become a debacle?
The general public need to know that the Bramble House, Eventide case was reported to authorities when there were two victims. The number subsequently became seven. The general public have a right to know the outcome of this investigation as they are the people paying for it.

The general public also have a right to know why James Jenner's death was not reported to Queensland Police Service for three days after his death. It was his Mother who finally reported his death.

The general public have a right to know why Mrs Jenner was under surveillance when ever she visited her son. They have a right to know who directed this surveillance.

SING SUPPORT GROUP are requesting answers to these questions which are in the public interest.

Queensland Health have recently distributed a brochure to all staff: Don't ignore it, report it. Queensland Health should have added to this brochure: But, be prepared to wait months or even years for an outcome.

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